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Hi ha un estrany fenomen per la Serra de Cadí:
cada dia de festa tots els 'xaves' cap aquí.
Vénen amb canalla, sogres, oncles i cosins
i s'omplen les munyanyes amb els crits de pixapins.
There are strange goings-on in the Cadí mountain range:
Whenever there's a holiday, all the city-slickers head this way.
They come with their kids, in-laws, uncles, aunts and cousins
And the mountains fill with the cries of the 'pine-pissers'.

Pixapins, pixapins,
Ai, són tan fins, els pixapins.
"Ai, si neva!", "Ai, si plou!", "On dinarem?",
Quin enrenou!
Tot els fa patir, els pixapins.

Pine-pissers, pine-pissers,
Oh, they're so refined, the pine-pissers!
"Oh no, what if it snows!", "Oh no, what if it rains!", "Where can we have lunch?",
What a racket they make!
It's all such a struggle for the pine-pissers.

Xafen tifes de les vaques i els gossos els fan por.
Confonen els isards amb les ovelles, ai Senyor!
Donen tombs interminables per trobar el Cadinell
i ens tiren les deixalles com si fóssim un cubell.

They step in the cowpies and the dogs scare them.
They can't tell the mountain goats from the sheep, good Lord!
They wander hither and yon trying to find Mt Cadinell (a very distinctive mountain)
And they throw out all their litter upon us as if we were a trashcan.

Mi amigo don Manolo fue a Josa de Cadí
buscando rovellones por los bosques de ahí.
Dijó: "Andaba muy perdido cuando vi unos campesinos, pero
al preguntar-les donde estava, me llamaron 'Meapinos!'".

My friend don Manolo was in Josa de Cadí
Looking for mushrooms in the forests around there.
He said "I was completely lost, when I saw some country folk, but
When I asked them where I was, they called me a 'pine-pisser'!"

Dels 'camacus' que ens visiten, n'hi ha molt per a explicar.
Però, de fet, no són els únics que hauríem de mirar.
És que sempre que portem més d'una cerveseta dins
hem de reconèixer que som tots uns pixapins!

Of the greenhorns that visit us, there are a lot of stories to tell,
But actually they aren't the only ones we should be watching out for.
It just so happens that whenever we've had more than a couple of beers
We have to admit that we're all pine-pissers!


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